New Zealand's Car Rental

New Zealand's Car Rental

  • Auckland’svalue car rental
  • All inclusive price / No hidden fee
  • Monthly car rentals give you more freedom, flexibility and savings
  • Smart subscription offers a cost-effective alternative to buying a vehicle.

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Customer Feedback

Feedback from our customers.


I rented a mini van for my moving. The car was clean and reasonably priced. I will use Tokyo RD Rentals again(T.T / Auckland)

I hired a 8 seater car on a family trip. The car was very clean and comfortable.(J.A /Auckland)

It's the first time I've driven a car in NZ. Their 10 minuites driving lessons was awesome! (Mr. F / Tokyo)

The car was right size for my golf trip. Thank you for delivering to the golf resort! (Mr.A / Tokyo)

I hired a compact car for 4 month. Very comfortable and clean! Their assisstance in a minor accident was really helpful! (Ms. F / Saitama)

ニュージーランドの運転は初めてだったのでレンタカー受渡し時の運転サポートは助かりました!(東京都 F様)

ゴルフ旅行にはちょうどいいサイズのレンタカーでした。ゴルフリゾートでの受渡しにも対応いただき助かりました!(東京都 A様)